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We are Websites.

Our award-winning design teams bring your digital ideas to life with stunning website designs. Crafted to promote your facility on the cutting-edge of the industry.



To be a next-generation company that

empowers Nursing Homes to grow, act & thrive.


We push design boundaries to break away from passive consumption and instead drive real change.

100% made

for you

This is no ordinary website. Rather than doing things the typical way, we've created a web-developing company that only focuses on websites for skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, retirement communities and other senior healthcare companies.


Our Company

Websites For Nursing Homes™ is the brainchild of our founder Jack Langer. The idea was born when more and more Nursing Homes and Healthcare providers were looking for new websites. 


It was discovered that almost every nursing home turned to two types of companies: One is the company that was started by "old school" nursing home "gurus", who have a lot of experience in nursing homes and some marketing skills, but not 2020 fresh and quick digital marketing & web skills. The other type of company had a range of experience in web development but they also "specialized" in pet stores, supermarkets, accountants, the circus' etc. Making very generic websites.

Not to mention, both are typically very costly.

It was this agonizing experience that led them to a light bulb moment - build a company that empowered nursing homes to get the best and robust website. 


In 2012, Websites For Nursing Homes was born. Since then, we've evolved into the leader in website creation, committed to providing the latest features and capabilities that enable any facility to create a professional online presence.


From small homes with a few beds to facilities with multiple locations and hundreds of residents, we make beautiful websites

that are super-fast, mobile-friendly and

made to represent your home.

The bottom line:

Our Team

jack langer_edited.jpg

Jack Langer

Founder / CEO

yehudis milchtein.jpg

Yehudis Milchtein

Director of Marketing

Jim Wexler.jpg

Jim Wexler

Healthcare Informer

Liam Parker

Chief Data Analyst

Nancy Rigowsky.jpg

Nancy Maine

Head Graphic Designer

Small Terrier


The Start Up Pup

Get the best of the best of the best

Go live on a fast, reliable, and hassle-free hosting network that scales with your nursing home — with a click.

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