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Site Creation: $1,500

Duplicate site: $500

Website hosting with monthly Updates: $249

Includes, 2 updates on the site month. Be it an upcoming event photos, awareness about something going on in the home, holiday, facility update.

Blog: $99

Social Media

Goal: Show the world how caring, up to date and awesome your facilities are. Showcasing happy residents, a great staff, and all around fantastic vibes.

Plan: Two - Three posts a week on each platform. 

Includes: Being active on community posts, liking comments, having a communication with someone at the home and requesting images, videos and material etc.

Result: Anyone checking out your place online, will see your home is on top of their game and is a great potential place for them or their loved one.

Facebook: $349

Instagram: $349

Facebook & Insta: $599

Review Management

Review Software

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